Reporting is much like life. So many people and attitudes swim by you, sometimes affecting you, and sometimes ignoring you. And reporters have a foible. They record just about everything: the social butterflies and the snooty touch-me-nots. Here then is a broad classification of the … Continue readingSpecies

MTV Bakra

The time was 3.40 pm. And it was a Thursday, the day we fall over ourselves to send the City Reporter to Press. And my cellphone rings. It was a call for help. “I am right outside your office. The front tyres of my car … Continue readingMTV Bakra

Friday to Thursday

FRIDAY We sit on our haunches (Srihari, Bala and Jaideep included) and decide what to do in City Reporter this week. In fifteen minutes flat, I have enough work to keep me busy through the week. In the evening, I am in the midst of … Continue readingFriday to Thursday