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Do you value and support quality independent journalism? Do you want to make a difference? Vote for my stories on It costs you nothing and takes less than 60 seconds to sign up and ‘Back my proposal’.

Who am I? I am a journalist since 1996, editing nine publications a month and managing CEO blogs in addition to writing for national and international publications like The Wallstreet Journal, Workforce Management, Workawesome, Worldstart, Men’s Health, Silverkris, The Man, The Sunday Guardian and so on.

If you are a reader, you should support great writers. If you have money, you should support great writing. And if you are a writer, you should start writing and make money as an international freelancer. But you will have to take risks, stomach failures and be open minded enough to accept new ideas and ways of doing things.

I am talking about a new project, Contributoria, which allows journalists and essay writers to put up story proposals and for people to back them (without spending any money). However, you have an added option of upgrading your free account to a paid one for $3 & $10/month — you get 150-250 points instead of just 50, in addition to getting the ebook and printed version of the newspaper delivered to your door.

The process
* You sign up on
* You get 50 points every month to back my proposals. Here are this month’s:
The rape of Nanking
The Affair: Decoding The Psychology of Extramarital love

And if you’d like to put up a proposal of your own, you can easily do so with the same account.

So go on, sign up. Put up a proposal of your own. Get your free 50 points. You can back my proposals or any other proposals you like the look of.

Come join me on Contributoria and back my journalistic efforts every month. It only takes 60 seconds to sign up and back my stories. And it’s only once a month.

You can go one step further and give out a status message on your social media networks:

Do you support quality journalism? Vote for Zahid Javali’s story on Pls retweet.

Do you value and support quality independent journalism? Do you want to make a difference? Vote for Zahid H Javali’s story on Takes less than a minute and costs nothing. Please repost as your status message and spread the word. He needs all the help you can give him.

See you there and thank you for your time. Drop by and don’t forget to email me when you do.