Man at work

Bhushan Bagadia (21) met 700 people to pick 34 of the very best for the Femina Miss India semi finals early this year. The organisers were looking for 18 smart people to manage the control room, the hospitality desk and the travel counter. It was … Continue readingMan at work

Motor mouths

He is talking a mile a minute. The show is proceeding smoothly. And suddenly…chaos. He is hosting the wrong show. He is at the wrong venue. His head begins to swim… he hears a loud scream. He wakes up. It was the clock that had … Continue readingMotor mouths

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MTV Bakra

The time was 3.40 pm. And it was a Thursday, the day we fall over ourselves to send the City Reporter to Press. And my cellphone rings. It was a call for help. “I am right outside your office. The front tyres of my car … Continue readingMTV Bakra

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Maximum entertailment

Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling curved screens and digital sound, state-of-the-art projection, stadium seating arrangement to ensure unobstructed viewing from anywhere in the auditorium, eye-catching architecture, cup holders on every armrest, avant-garde lobbies with studio-effect interiors, ample parking space and central air conditioning. That’s what a multiplex … Continue readingMaximum entertailment

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