Black money: How to contain it

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The UPA government is telling us that it wants to get back the black indian money stashed abroad. But nothing has been done so far.

Pray why? Probably, it was the government’s way to silence all opposition who all have a stake in this. It was a sort of blackmail. If you don’t support us, we will make you a pauper.

But with an active judiciary and media, the tables could also turn on the UPA. They are no saints either. Their black money could also show up in the public eye. It would be suicidal and foolish at the same time.

Maybe the government has realised this. There is no more heat being generated on the subject.

One good way of making black money difficult to transport would be to stop printing currency higher than Rs 100 and banning all cash transactions above Rs 1000. They have to do it only with a debit or credit card.

But in hindsight, the good deed is done. Sooner or later, some government in a fit of righteous anger might take the lid off black money.

So the precedent is good. But will this help if those who are to employ the money for the public good are thieves themselves? Will black money become white only to serve the people in power? Won’t it further the gap between the haves and have-nots?

Well, lets just think positive and move on with life. You never know how god can bring the world to heal itself.

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