Hotel Rwanda and Paul Rusesabagina’s heart-warming tale

The other day I watched Hotel Rwanda and was blown away. By its message of racial tolerance. Courage under fire. Hoping against hope. Triumph of the human spirit. And the qualities that make it an Oscar-nominated film all the way. By Paul Rusesabagina, the hero of this film based on a true story.

History can never be erased. But yes, there are lessons to be learnt. The film dwells on the violence caused by the majority rebels when Belgians appoint the minorities as the guardians of Rwandan republic. A great way to create dissent for sure. But can Belgians be so cunning? Handing the reins to the minority when the majority was asked to step aside?

The result? A civil war of sorts in 1994 where the Hutu rebels start killing every Tutsi in sight, and are successful in wiping out almost half the Tutsi population.

In this midst is Paul, the assistant manager of Hotel Mille Collines owned by the Belgians. Meant for the richie-rich, he soon starts sheltering almost 1300 Tutsis in the hotel.

Watch it and you will cry and experience the ignominy of being an ethnic minority and majority. Because at the end of the civil war when the Tutsi minority group drove the Hutu majorities to Congo, they did exactly what the Hutus did when in power. However, there was no genocide.

The other film that brought tears to my eyes was Seven Pounds. Though it did not do much at the Box Office or become a critic’s favourite, it has enough EQ to melt your heart. Watch it for Will Smith. Watch it for the real reason we are alive: L.O.V.E.