To the camera born

Pushing the envelope comes easy for Manoj Masand (31) – whether it’s using dido lights (which picked up an Oscar for light innovation) or highlighting a small area of Venetta Cuicine’s ready kitchen and reducing the intensity of light or employing a technology used in … Continue readingTo the camera born

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Bacchus callin’

Kapila Chandran is dreamy; bites her nails and loves her friends. She believes she’s always surrounded by fairies; has even named her dog Magic. And she hastens to add that Kapila means ‘the wise one’ in Sanskrit, though people around her think she’s a ‘dumb … Continue readingBacchus callin’

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Taking the rupee all the way

If you’re in a creative business, you should be constantly accumulating references and material,” says Jaisingh Rathore, 30. “I’d really like a plasma screen for the new studio or maybe a projection system would be cool.” He was similarly seduced by a bike last year … Continue readingTaking the rupee all the way

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The five stars

Bangalore’s best general managers of star hotels about their work ethic First, you have the VVIPs. Then you have the other hotel guests. And both are as important. The challenge for the general manager of a hotel is not to inconvenience either. And that demands … Continue readingThe five stars

Log in to Vani Mahesh

From a software engineer to running an online library, it’s been quite a career swing for Vani Mahesh (31). It’s a job she loves doing: reading books, buying the good ones and recommending them to others. And that’s in addition to software development and maintenance … Continue readingLog in to Vani Mahesh

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Sonal’s Solo

Variety rules Sonal Ramrakhiani’s life. She’s got a Gujarati name, but both her parents are Sindhi. And she was named after Odissi danseuse Sonal Mansingh. When she is not in the Titan Industries office at Golden Enclave on Airport Road holding fort as brand manager, … Continue readingSonal’s Solo

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Reporting is much like life. So many people and attitudes swim by you, sometimes affecting you, and sometimes ignoring you. And reporters have a foible. They record just about everything: the social butterflies and the snooty touch-me-nots. Here then is a broad classification of the … Continue readingSpecies

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Man at work

Bhushan Bagadia (21) met 700 people to pick 34 of the very best for the Femina Miss India semi finals early this year. The organisers were looking for 18 smart people to manage the control room, the hospitality desk and the travel counter. It was … Continue readingMan at work

Building blokes

Attitude and a little bit of latitude. And something that’s intelligent and inspirational. That about sums up the work of architects we have picked for this story. Open-to-sky courtyards, free-standing stone monoliths ensuring cross ventilation and security, tiled walkways, semi-circular verandahs, stepped dividers between the … Continue readingBuilding blokes

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The Lakme girl

Shobha Sehgal’s first pay was Rs 1,000 for working three hours at a beauty salon. “And I gave all the money to my mom,” she says. “Four months before I finished my beauty course, I opened a salon of my own.” That was in 1985. … Continue readingThe Lakme girl

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Standing Ovation

Opposites attract. Ask Royce Pappachan (23) and Ekta Hoora (21). If he trips on rock, she sashays to old Hindi classics. If he’s skilled in computers, she’s a trained fashion designer. “We are always arguing and correcting each other,’” says Hoora. But ask Pappachan what … Continue readingStanding Ovation

Maximum entertailment

Wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling curved screens and digital sound, state-of-the-art projection, stadium seating arrangement to ensure unobstructed viewing from anywhere in the auditorium, eye-catching architecture, cup holders on every armrest, avant-garde lobbies with studio-effect interiors, ample parking space and central air conditioning. That’s what a multiplex … Continue readingMaximum entertailment

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Levitating Meghna

She may not defy gravity. But her lifestyle store, Levitate, does defy the conventional shopping experience. Swing past the doors of 93 Residency, take up the flight of stairs leading to the first floor and you reach a cul de sac. Before long, you realise … Continue readingLevitating Meghna

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Fly Buy Dubai

Spread over 3,885 square kilometers, Dubai that’s 10.655 metres above sea level indeed rises above the ordinary with its mother of all festivals, the Dubai Shopping Festival. It’s four weeks of unadulterated fun on the run, with over 220,000 Indians making it to Dubai every … Continue readingFly Buy Dubai

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The big idea

Where do creative people get their inspiration from? Ted Hughes attributed it to fishing. JG Ballard thought it had more to do with whisky. We are not digging deep into the source of their bright ideas. Instead, we dwell on the big ideas that brightened … Continue readingThe big idea

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Chatting up Chatterjee

Designations change all the time, because everybody is doing everything. And Saugatha Chatterjee aka Soggy (36) is no exception. From a management trainee with Coats Viyella in 1993 to business head for their international retail and sourcing consulting division, Intrad, Soggy has come up the … Continue readingChatting up Chatterjee

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Business as usual

There’s an old Chinese saying that goes, ‘When planning for a year, sow corn; when planning for a decade, plant trees; and when planning for life, educate people.’ BML Jain, an IIT (Kanpur) graduate, took that to heart and came up with the idea of … Continue readingBusiness as usual


OLEDs, Google TV, holographic displays, UDTVs and more will change the way we watch television Television has long been the preserve of the masses and the classes for the last several decades. But only now is it coming into its own. The promise of watching … Continue readingTV3.0

Money magic

March is that time of the year when we file our tax returns and plan for the next financial year. When I asked a few people well-known in the financial sector on how they manage their monies, here is a summary of what they told … Continue readingMoney magic

Personal finance

With March still staring in our face, here are ways to trim your finances and look forward to managing comfort for the next financial year. Don’t buy second best. Sooner or later, you will end up spending more and inconveniencing yourself further. Buying the latest … Continue readingPersonal finance

IRCTC rocks

The Indian Railways are truly coming of age. And the best part? The efficient way in which one can book a ticket, check PNR status and refund status online. And the recent inclusion in Ngpay app for smartphones makes it easier to book a train … Continue readingIRCTC rocks

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Bollywood in crisis

Bollywood’s new releases, though not mediocre haven’t excited the masses. Which means, only My Name Is Khan is the biggest hit of 2010 so far. Followed distantly by Ishqiya, Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge and Veer. All other films, though appreciated by critics, haven’t set the … Continue readingBollywood in crisis

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Toyota in trouble

Have you had any problems with the breaks in your Toyota recently? Well, this week the world’s largest car manufacturer recalled nearly half a million of their hybrid model, the Prius, from places all over the world, after finding braking problems in the car. This … Continue readingToyota in trouble

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Top films of 2009

It’s the middle of the year and Bollywood isn’t doing as great a business as last year. The first half hasn’t been that great, but yes there have been a few films that have done well at the box office. One reason for the downturn … Continue readingTop films of 2009

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Top books of 1999

Business @ The Speed of Thought Bill Gates / Tech / Rs 856.80 The world’s biggest geek strikes again. And this book, like all the books written by those who became rich, will be bought in large numbers by those who want to become rich. … Continue readingTop books of 1999

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Parking woes!

The other day, I had to visit Eco Space, the business complex on Outer Ring Road towards Whitefield. And what do I find myself into? A visitor’s parking lot that charges you by the hour. Whether it’s one hour or two hours, you have to … Continue readingParking woes!

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Salaries, anyone?

A 50-year-old project manager at a tech firm in the US manages a fleet of engineers and earns a lot more than his Indian counterpart who ends up doing the same job with his engineers out here. Some call it discrimination; some dub it as … Continue readingSalaries, anyone?

RaISING the bar

A lot happens over a drink. When we stepped into a revamped i-Bar at The Park, we were a living testimony to that. After seven years of serving teeny boppers, the pub decided to grow with its clientele and make it more sophisticated and inspiring. … Continue readingRaISING the bar

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HSR Layout: A realty check

HSR Layout is a new neighbourhood. Therefore, it’s still pristine. But what threatens its peaceful existence is the rampant illegal construction activity in the area. Though the law permits only ground + two floors, there are many constructions that are three and even four floors … Continue readingHSR Layout: A realty check

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Jodhaa Akbar, anyone?

Okay. Okay. I am not talking about Ashutosh ‘Lagaan’ Gowariker’s new film, Jodhaa Akbar. I am talking about a restaurant that brings back the days of his era. Jalsa is the name and it’s indeed a welcome diversion. Housed in a white fortress, you walk … Continue readingJodhaa Akbar, anyone?

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