HSR LAYOUT: Meet the young entrepreneurs in the neighbourhood

The February 2013 issue of HSR Layout Residents Watch is just out. If you can’t get a physical copy at HSR Club or at any of the commercial establishments, like department stores and coffeeshops (copies do get exhausted quite fast!), read it online.

In the latest issue, we are going mushy about young entrepreneurs aged 17 to 30 years, cutting across sectors. We also have a neighbourhood inventor who takes pride in building products for the bottom of the social pyramid even while getting the rest of us interested in his energy-saving devices.

In our resident activist section, we have PC Muniswamy Reddy, the proactive general secretary of Sector 1 Residents Welfare Association.

And as always, there is the happening events section that profiles the best and the brightest happenings in HSR Layout and in the rest of the city. After all, when Norah Jones is performing at another part of town, no one would want to stick to events happening in their own neighbourhood, would they?

Happy reading!


Neighbourhood guides are the next best option for promoting your business!

Neighbourhood guides are the next best option. As cities grow and every neighbourhood becomes more self-sustaining, it’s important for residents to have a guide that keeps a tab on all the new and old things in their neighbourhood. It is precisely to meet this need and also better the neighbourhood that I have launched Residents Watch for HSR Layout.

It’s available in every nook and cranny of HSR Layout. If you are a resident who is out and about, you can lay your hands on it at banks, coffeeshops, department stores, restaurants, pubs, resident welfare associations, clubs, shops and libraries, among other places.

It is THE resourceful guide that every neighbour would want to possess. And it is THE monthly neighbourhood guide that every marketer worth his salt would want to use as a platform to advertise his wares. After all, HSR Layout is a melting pot of sorts. You have expats and NRIs as much as non-Kannadigas and Kannadigas. There are more middle and upper middle class people here than anywhere else. Not to mention, the upper class and the power class. Yes, it’s also a place where you will find bureaucrats, politicians, film stars, and other celebrities in equal measure.

Without further ado, ADVERTISE or read this handy guide. It’s available both offline and online. Happy reading!