Spirit guides: An interview with one on god and beyond

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Here is an interesting chat I had with a spirit guide from another dimension. Her initials are SP.

Who is god?
God is the universal being. He is the be it and end all, of all creation. He is love and the supreme being who has no form or figure. He is not human or angel. He is just… him.

How was he born?
From the white light of eternal love. His physical form is in nature. Have you seen that certain trees have unique forms? Certain mountains have a character in them? There are places on earth where if you stand still, you can feel, hear and see the ground beneath you… that is God.

I was a lava in one of my previous births… so was I godly too?
You were not Lava… you were a molten form. You chose to bubble at the top to get a form as a rock. While you were fluid, you chose to run endlessly until you rose to the top to take a physical form with a character. That is what a mountain is. The rivers in the world have a different colour. Geologists will say that it’s because of the earth and the minerals… watch how the colour, taste and look of the waters will change in the next 2-3 years. You want proof of God or a supreme being, it’s all around us. To a large extent, we all believe in some form of energy… be it love, devotion or acceptance.

I don’t want proof of god… I want to know how to be god?
You are God when it comes to your life. And your life is a creation of your belief. If not, you are believing in a 3rd person/energy/supreme being to deliver you to your destination. Salvation was invented by man, penitence was what made us ‘feel’ good…but in reality…forgiveness was all god asked. Isn’t that what all the holy books say? Going back to if you are god or not, that’s an open debate! It depends on your definition of God.

In another life, I was a giant white crystal?
Well, many souls take various forms before they reach the human form. Once they are in the human form, they tend to experiment with various types. So you could have been molten lava many many lives before.

So once we become humans, we come back as humans again?
The soul decides if it wants to experience any other human forms. If it chooses to, then yes. If not, then you move on.

Have you had a human form before you became a spirit guide?
No, though I would like to.

Do you know who my spirit guide is? 
You have one old man and two angels. But the thing is that you have an active mind. So to hear them over all that noise is going to be tough! But you listen to one of them really well. That is what makes your predictions so true.