Silva Mind Control method

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A lot of self help authors talk about how we create our own reality. First, we dream up something. And then, we believe in it so much that we feel the adrenaline rush. And then, it actually happens. That’s how the universe responds to a strong-willed soul.

However, not everyone can hack this. Here is where one of Jose Silva’s techniques appeals to me most. It’s his way of problem solving.

Choose a real-world problem whose solution isn’t in sight. Now imagine that on your mental screen and truly live the problem. Now slide this scene off to the right of the frame and visualise another scene that will take place tomorrow. You will see happy faces around you and you will also see how the problem was solved vividly.

The problem solving does not stop there. Now push this scene to the right and replace it with another from the left. In this scene, you will see the fruits of your labour where everyone associated with the problem are happy and you are feeling as if this is the current reality.

Keep visualising different problems in this manner and you never know which problem might be solved with creative visualisation alone.

Best of luck! And keep me posted.