Preity Zinta prefers acting over boy friend; breaks up with Ness Wadia

When the daggers are drawn, it becomes only a question of survival. And so it was when Preity Zinta was told categorically by her beau Ness Wadia to quit acting for good. Unwilling to lose her independent status, Preity replied in the negative, and Ness called off their relationship.

Apparently, this pre-condition to marriage didn’t go down well with Preity who is what she is largely due to her Bollywood career. Now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag, I wonder if Preity should have done what she did.

After all, Preity’s film career isn’t going anywhere. Just because she is in the good books of SRK and Karan Johar doesn’t mean the entire industry is going to support her all the way. Barring this pre-condition aside, if Ness was indeed a good person, Preity should have stuck to him like glue. After all, not everyone views a film career as something respectable. Maybe this is what Ness wanted to shed after he married Preity. But then, some people just don’t get it.