Phas Gaya Re Obama impresses

The other day, I saw Phas Gaya Re Obama on TV, and was quite impressed.

It’s an engaging drama about thieves stung by recession and how they realise the NRI they have kidnapped for ransom is of no good.

What follows is a series of entertaining situations in which the NRI goes one up on the meanies and comes away unscathed and also gets out of the economic mess that he was in.

This Subhash Kapoor directed film is both contemporary and entertaining at the same time. And as always, the casting is apt. Sanjay Mishra as a smalltown gangster plays to the gallery while Amole Gupte with his ministerly act gives a new dimension to the Amrish Puri brand of villainy. And ofcourse, our infallible Rajat Kapoor who walks the fine balance of comedy and tragedy.

Worth a watch atleast once.