Manmohanomics: Will it win over Recessionomics?

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Now that the Congress-led alliance has made BJP’s LK Advani weep his way to political oblivion, will the shrewd economist in prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh assert himself a lot more like he did with the US nuclear deal and set right the anomalies in the Indian economy?

Will ladyluck smile on him again (he has three already – Mamata Banerjee of the Trinamool Congress, Priyanka and Sonia Gandhi of the Congress) and will he truly test his mettle on this highly volatile political highground where the voter is really the king.

He has just mandate before him now: do or die. And Singh has to deliver what he had promised before the elections: to revive the Indian economy within 100 days of the new government coming to power. Will he or won’t he?