Lifetime Achievement Awards

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Many senior actors abhor the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ awards, particularly when they are still happy acting out their real-life fantasies in reel life.

Some find it embarassing. Some absent from it, the moment they hear that they are nominated. And others, don’t want to show their fallen faces and remain locked up at home.

So what makes these awards so unpopular?

For one, winning this award means a signal from the film industry and the powers that be that you should retire NOW.

Two, winning this award is an age-thing. When most senior stars still feel young and romance with women less than half their age on screen and off it (ask Rajesh Khanna or Amitabh Bachchan), why would they want to be termed Senior Citizens.

Three, not everyone can take these awards and own it like Aloknath of Buniyaad and Maine Pyar Kiya fame. At one recent award function where he was bestowed this honour for his long-running stint on TV, he said this award will in no way make him retire for the day, as he still has a long innings ahead.

That’s the spirit.