Japan tsunami healing worked…. and how?

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Following my blog post about distance healing the distressed in Japan, here is the update on how the healing went last night, straight from energy healer Tarun Cherian:

Last night, there were 60 across India, and the world who gathered in a circle at night to send a prayer for Japan. Here are some of the many experiences… that perhaps represents your own…

Meenakshi speaking for the group of 7 powerful healers in Mumbai… We covered ourselves with green light. We then began with each of us having a ceramic bowl of water with a fallen twig floating in it. The bowl of water I had was of warm tap water and when I began my prayers for some reason the water was restless n churning a lot. There was no other movement to make it stir- so I looked around if there was a wind/breeze from some place- but no nothing. The twig was stuck to the curvature of the bowl and not stirring at all- the water was causing movement in the bowl and the twig bobbed a wee bit up n down (barely few seconds) and then became standstill.

My hands were feeling vibrations of energy- they felt alive, throbbing. After about 15mins the water was much calmer and very little movement was happening on the edges of the bowl now. I ended my prayers after about 20mins, lifted the bowl to keep it outside under the sky – the bowl was COLD. I felt a shiver go thru me because of its coldness. Have left it outside under the sky- will put the water into my plants in the morning.

Jaanani from UK: It was light blue and sunset yellow… Chanting the Shaanthi mantra increased the flow from my palm. Reconnecting to source was good too. It has been a while…

Amita from Cochin: Gave healing. Saw some dark blobs and a purple healing circle… Then felt immensely sad and wanted to weep. Later saw more joyous light.

Pooja from Bangalore: Beast like things. Not able to stop crying. don’t feel like talking to anyone right now. Thank you.

Roshni from UK: Thursday night, that is, a day before the Tsunami, or perhaps during the tsunami as it was happening in Japan, I had really weird dreams. I felt as if I had died and I felt myself floating around, but there was also lots of water and I had the sensation of being swept away or drowning! I could not sleep well at all. As soon as I woke up, I shared this with Steve and thought nothing of it, till we switched on the news on Friday morning and reports of the disaster in Japan started coming through. I felt all the hair on the back of my neck stand up!! Strangely enough, when I dreamt of the water and floating, it felt natural, as in, not being forced, literally being swept away in strong, unfightable currents of powerful waves. This parallels what Shalu got in her predictive dreams. Of drowning and the world coming to an end.

A tragedy of such a magnitude is mind-numbing. So what can the small whisper of prayer really do? First the precognitive dreams of Roshni, Shalu and many others reminds us all that we are all connected. Our world has got a lot closer. Second Meenakshi’s experience drives home the fact that what we feel does touch the world. Third many of us are closer to Japan. How many of us have Jap cars and TV’s but till today have had no real link to them? Fourth the tragedy sensitises each of us to the fragility of our own lives, and also simultaneously its importance.

The healing was powerful. But what did it accomplish? It principally helped souls who had passed away but were still trapped in their anguish get free. They looked like a flock of white birds rising up. It helped calm just a trifle the anguish of a few.

A welcome side effect of healing is that all who participated were blessed in turn. In the process all of us realised that we are healers, that greater forces stir in our being, that the world is our family.