Japan: Calling long distance healers

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My friend and energy healer Tarun Cherian is conducting a long distance healing on March 15th from 9.30pm-9.50pm IST to heal JAPAN. He was prompted by his disciple Shalu’s premonition that the world is coming to an end, a day after which the tsunami struck.

Here is what he says in an email he sent out to all the long distance healers he knows. If you are one or know someone who is into long distance healing, please spread his message. And even if you happen to read this after the healing has taken place, you can go solo and send healing energy to Japan and its victims on your own. Or you can organise a similar group healing session in your own country, city or neighbourhood. Each one of us can make a difference, geography and caste no bar.

(These are Tarun’s instructions on how to heal long distance)

1.You begin by protecting yourself. For those who are not healers
imagine that you are covered in a cloak of green. Formed by currents of the sea.

2. You now spend 5 minutes simply reconnecting to the great force of Life.
How? Imagine a great wave of goodness that lies beneath all creation. Imagine you become a part of it.
{Devadhara Healers connect using the Finger of God Ritual.}

3. You now take a bowl of water {ceramic, stainless steel} let this represent the ocean.
in it place a fallen leaf, twig  or a tiny fragment of paper,
let this represent humanity on the tiny raft of earth, and the island of Japan.
You now send healing to the bowl of water asking it to radiate your healing to where its needed.
You see yourself well above the Island of Japan and you send light, gentling energy.
It is soft, quiet, harmonising. Like a lullaby. You may accompany this with the words:
“May peace come here and healing.” Alternately you may say the chant: “Sa shee may hidray.”

Give healing for 5 -10 minutes. At some point you will feel this is enough.
{Advanced healers scroll down}.
You leave the bowl of water out for the night where sky may see it.
Pour the water out to a tree in the morning.
Your force is heard and fills the world.

Advanced Healers may go deeper and see themselves descend into the carnage: Your spirit will be drawn to some scene or place. Some person, some face. Give that person healing using the same words and chant. “May peace come here and healing.” or. “Sa shee ma hidray.” You disconnect from the healing. You mentally resolve to live in greater harmony with nature. To care more. What do u do with the water? You leave the bowl of water out for the night where sky may see it. Pour the water out to a tree in the morning. Your prayers are heard and fill the world.

Depth Healers  may go deeper still and understand the why of the tragedy and possible future disasters.