DMK is demanding more than just its pound of flesh

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Coalition politics is a different game but Congress is a master of that. Having wrestled the opposition to the ground in the historic mandate this year, I am sure they will find a middle ground with its tantrum-throwing ally, the DMK led by the super shrewd Karunanidhi.

It’s a known fact that only crorepatis can go on to win a member of parliament seat and only a cash-rich party can romp home to the seat of chief minister and prime minister. And DMK isn’t alone. But accusing them of excessive money power in Tamil Nadu which led to their victory is like declaring every other party clean and innocent.

When the reader can ask you, ‘what’s in it for me?’, why can’t your ally in the ruling combine? DMK has every right to bargain for more Cabinet berths and choicest portfolios. After all, who wants to go for non-descrept posts and portfolios?

In this entire game of coalition politics, there is one thing I don’t like and here is where i laud prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh. He has said a firm NO to non-performing DMK ministers A Raja and TR Baalu. And rightly so. Agreed, all parties are corrupt, but they should also be efficient performers. There is no room for inefficiency and laxity. This message by the PM even before his party takes oath is a good sign. If the Congress sticks to its efficiency stand, the Congress could well romp home to power with a clean majority (without the help of allies) the next time around.

Jai ho!