Horsing around

He had to lose 3 kilos in a day to be in the saddle. And he took it up as a challenge; played golf all day, walked all night, sat in a sauna for long hours and starved himself like a refugee. And eureka, he … Continue readingHorsing around

Sachin needs a voice coach

Whenever Sachin Tendulkar appears in tv commercials, I wonder why he hasn’t been trained for it… The physical presence is fine, it’s the voice modulation that needs working. Then again, most celebrities need voice training for tv commercials. Genellia D’souza needs to discard her southie … Continue readingSachin needs a voice coach

That’s Just not Sport!

I find it so frustrating that all of our favourite sporting events are being exploited by terrorists and used as weapons of fear and uncertainty. This week we’ve seen the terror attacks in Pune, and a former Pakistani commando associated with Al-Qaeda has warned international … Continue readingThat’s Just not Sport!