Soul sanctuary

Go Goa and don’t forget to check in at the Radisson White Sands Beach Resort to be pampered their way, with air conditioned deluxe suites, a mini bar, banana boat rides, jet skiing, parasailing, go carting, Mediterranean food and ambience… the list is endless. It’s … Continue readingSoul sanctuary

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Speaking of auras

He is good at coining one-liners. ‘A lot can happen over coffee’ for Café Coffee Day. ‘The heart has its reasons’ for C Krishniah Chetty & Son. ‘Crafted from desire’ for Vanity Fair. That’s what Tarun Cherian does as creative director of Scion Advertising. And … Continue readingSpeaking of auras

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Lip balms are no good

Lip balms are no good. Not the Vaseline or the Himalaya lip balm. However, Nivea’s Hydrocare does work. It’s priced over Rs 100, many times more than the others in the market. But even Nivea doesn’t really solve the problem permanently. Pray why? Coz everytime … Continue readingLip balms are no good

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Sachin needs a voice coach

Whenever Sachin Tendulkar appears in tv commercials, I wonder why he hasn’t been trained for it… The physical presence is fine, it’s the voice modulation that needs working. Then again, most celebrities need voice training for tv commercials. Genellia D’souza needs to discard her southie … Continue readingSachin needs a voice coach

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Creative visualisation

The other day I read Creative Visualisation, a self help book by Shakti Gawain. Among all the books that I have read in this genre, this is the best. It’s simple and yet very powerful. The techniques and exercises given here can make you a … Continue readingCreative visualisation

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Sei Hei Ki and salt water

Reacting to my post on ways to protect yourself from harmful spirits, here is what a dear friend has to say about it… “I can assist with removal of entities and attempts at fatal black magic utilizing a combination of botanical extracts and intuitive guidance. … Continue readingSei Hei Ki and salt water

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Aura photography

First things first. An aura is the electromagnetic energy field surrounding us. This field vibrates at different frequencies and reflects our state of mind, body and inner being. And this shows up in different colours, each associated with various chakras or energy centers in our … Continue readingAura photography

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Lucid dreaming

Have you ever had a dream and been conscious that you are dreaming? This is known as lucid dreaming, and most people may only experience it a couple of times in their lives. Depending on the dreamers’ self-awareness of being asleep, the dream can be … Continue readingLucid dreaming

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11 ways to beat stress

Bangalore-based stress consultant Dr Malathi, formerly with Manipal Hospital, has some simple techniques to cope with stress-related obesity: 1. Learn the right breathing techniques: Breathing exercises are very effective for stress and they help you to lose weight and increase concentration; reduces depression and increases … Continue reading11 ways to beat stress

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>How to heal yourself!

>Famous Indian astrologer Lalitha Aiyar has the following bit of advice for people belonging to different zodiac signs. They are not only uncanny, but if you heed your advice, you could navigate life much more comfortably. Aries: Control your tempers. Relax. Meditate. Taurus: Spend more. … Continue reading>How to heal yourself!

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>What the cards foretell

>Tarot cards is the fix for brains that have trouble figuring out the future. They are uncanny, whether you like it or not. Take Lalitha Aiyar who disarms you with her candour. “I like Islam more than other religions because you have no one image … Continue reading>What the cards foretell

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>Self healing

>For years, I used to pity people who were into self-help books (which meant most of America). Until Betty Shine happened. There I was browsing for more than an hour at Sankars Book Stall when my eye picked out her book, Mind Magic. Maybe it … Continue reading>Self healing

>Handwriting analysis, anyone?

>Handwriting Analysis can identify your sub-conscious and conscious personality traits, says Clarissa Tiara, part of the Handwriting Guru Customer Support Team at She does not stop there. Read on… These traits relate to your behavior, motivations, sexuality, ambitions, and other personality variations. It can … Continue reading>Handwriting analysis, anyone?