Chocolate for health

Remember being yelled at by your mom for eating chocolate? This is in defense of all you cocoa-addicts.

Had you imagined that chocolate lowers blood pressure and cholesterol upto 10%? Yes, chocolates have flavanoids and antioxidants which one finds in dark-coloured vegetables. Ladies, brace yourselves: this prevents ageing.

What’s more, chocolates stimulate endorphin production in the body which enhances pleasure and a sense of happiness.

So, measure those calories, have your daily doze of dark chocolate and stay happy!

— Guest post by Shriya Narayan

Bangalore’s water woes

Water has always been the issue of discussion and importantly so, after the conflict with Tamil Nadu. Leaving all that aside, the major concern today is pollution of the ground water in Bangalore. So, how safe is the ground water in Bangalore?

Industrial effluents in liquid form seep through the earth and mix with the ground water making it unsuitable for human consumption. A recent report in a leading daily, carried pictures of people who have had skin eruptions upon contact with water they drank. Scary thought as it may be, it’s time the state government did something about the issue and looked for alternative means of disposing industrial effluents.

— Guest post by Rohit Nair