The woman in the Attic

It’s all things New York for Sasha Castelino, 28, MD, Phoenixx Apparel Services and Attic, the clothes store on Lavelle Road. Castelino is the buying agent for AXIS, NY. As an intern with Winona, NY, she designed mood boards and sourced fabrics and trims. With … Continue readingThe woman in the Attic

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Mind your language

‘It’s a rainy Sunday morning in downtown Jayanagar, but inside the three year old Bouyancee Centre, the mood is sunny.’ Those were my opening lines in the very first full-length story I wrote as part of this publishing house. “I love it,” said my editor. … Continue readingMind your language

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3G generation

My 5-month old daughter belongs to the 3G era. And her initiation has already begun. Staying at her grand parents home 320 kms from Bangalore where I stay, she is on a video call every other day. And she’s quite familiar with the iPod Touch … Continue reading3G generation

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Mozilla 4 is here

Mozilla gets the much needed update. To all those who are on some version of 3.0. However, like every update, this one has it’s pitfalls. For one, some of your add-ons don’t work. The most important to me is one that shows the page rank … Continue readingMozilla 4 is here


OLEDs, Google TV, holographic displays, UDTVs and more will change the way we watch television Television has long been the preserve of the masses and the classes for the last several decades. But only now is it coming into its own. The promise of watching … Continue readingTV3.0

Smartphone crashes

Do you find your smartphone restarting on its own or freezing? Here are some of the reasons why… 1. Delete the most recent apps you downloaded. Some apps, particularly the ones from have apps that contain bugs which crash your phone. 2. Update your … Continue readingSmartphone crashes

Defrag and bootscan

If your computer or laptop is using up a lot more memory than usual, it could be because you haven’t been defragging your Hard drives. Weekly defrags will help you save valuable GBs of memory space and keep your computer from slowing down. Similarly, if … Continue readingDefrag and bootscan

Airtel GPRS scam

Airtel sure knows how to defraud its customers. When you sign up for the 2GB GPRS plan, you are sent Airtel Live settings. You promptly save it and go about surfing the Internet. And then, you end up with one problem. Nokia Messaging doesn’t work … Continue readingAirtel GPRS scam

Back to the i-Future

Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed by technology? Sometimes I think the world may actually soon start looking like it does in old movies and TV shows set in the distant future. You know, the ones in which people ride in flying cars, talk … Continue readingBack to the i-Future

Free-isms for E71

If you are a Nokia smartphone buff, here is one cool app you must not miss…Free-isms: runs your apps in comic blurbs like in a conversation; allows you to send fake sms from say a celebrity; schedule an sms and also flash sms where your … Continue readingFree-isms for E71

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Top gadgets of 2008!

NOKIA 5800 XPRESSMUSIC Rs 21,839 She’s arrived at last, the 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia’s tardy entry into the touchscreen phone space. Appropriately nicknamed the Tube, the device has a number of Nokia peculiarities that could appeal to certain sensibilities. The LCD itself is certainly impressive, at … Continue readingTop gadgets of 2008!

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Top 5 gadgets of September!

160GB PS3 Rs 22,500 Size does matter. Atleast to Sony that is releasing a 160GB PS3 in November, which is double the size of the existing model PS3. However, it’s limited-edition. Therefore, book yours now. This new PS3 will include the rumble-ized DualShock 3 controller … Continue readingTop 5 gadgets of September!

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New tech blog

Guys: Since the blogger platform wasn’t really helpful in getting enough traffic to my blog, i have opened my tech blog on Word Press and migrated all the stuff here. Do visit and let me know what you think.

Cool gadgets

BenQ Portable CP220C DLP Projector Rs 58,990 It’s new. It’s light-weight. And it’s quick and cool, function-wise. Making it a perfect accessory for professionals on the move. Coming from the World’s No 1 DLP projector brand, this got to be real good. Designed for portability, … Continue readingCool gadgets

Gadget freak? Read on…

Longines watches Rs 28500-1 lakh+ If style and sport is you, then this collected by the Swiss watchmaker could do the trick for you. The range is Faster (inspired by the world of automobiles and motor-sports), Further (for elegance of performance on treks) and Higher … Continue readingGadget freak? Read on…

Gmail scam

I just uncovered a scam being carried out by Gmail. I send out a mail to 500 people (my group ID) and later realised that I couldn’t send any more email. Everytime I tried to send a message, a window would pop up saying, ‘An … Continue readingGmail scam

Got juice?

With Internet at your arm’s length, edgy and humourous writing is up for sampling every day. One such cool website is Sample this recent piece on their website and you will know why I like their daily reviews. You can subscribe to their daily … Continue readingGot juice?

Bus tickets at your doorstep

Some good news for road transport users. BangaloreOne has tied up with to offer a ‘Private Bus ticketing service’ to folks in Karnataka. You can now walk-in to any BangaloreOne centre and book bus tickets for the following bus operators: VRL Travels, Raj National … Continue readingBus tickets at your doorstep

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