Blend it like Beckham

Blender manufacturers are resorting to all sorts of zany viral campaigns to make their products stick. One in the news these days is a series developed to make people sit up and take notice. Not so much for the visuals, but the idea of it all. Can marbles, wood, golf balls and even a McDonald’s Value Meal be crushed by a standard blender? Or will it lose its fangs in the bargain? Ofcourse, the blender’s good and therefore it holds its ground and makes you wonder if it’s a visual trick or if it’s really possible. Well, when has advertising been about saying the truth and nothing but the truth. It has always been about generating a buzz that will stick and hopefully generate sales for the advertiser in question. Take this YouTube video of golf balls being chewed to bits. According to stats, it has had over 821,389 views and counting.

Technology can bite and heal. Here is a case where it is not only cost-effective, but also has far more reach than any other medium. We are talking about the Internet. At the OnMedia NYC conference in Manhattan, the occasion was to give away 2007’s best of broadband awards. They hand-picked Web video ads that grabbed the most eyeballs on the Internet. Some that made the cut included user-generated ad contests like Frito Lay’s ‘Crash the Super Bowl’; Ray-Ban’s ‘Never Hide’; Unilever’s Dove ‘Campaign for Real Beauty’; and “Will It Blend?” What’s that, you ask? It’s the blender ads that I was talking about. Apparently, blender manufacturer BlendTec created these YouTube blender series without the help of an external agency, and achieved notoriety with its ‘iPhone in a blender’ video.

Which brings me to one such promotion that grabbed my retina. Ofcourse, diamonds could be a girl’s best friend, but they are no friend of a blender. Under pressure, they could crack up, too. The premise of the video? “Will a Diamond Engagement Ring Blend?” Ofcourse, it could. Abazias Diamonds shredded a real diamond engagement ring in a Blendtec blender! Take a look at the video HERE.

PS: ‘Blender’ is also the name of a 3D computer animation tool that runs on Linux (and other platforms) and is popular in Open Source circles.

Songify your life

Songify is a smart app at the app store that turns you into a singer. Just speak into your iPhone or iPod touch and set one of three music styles and you are good to go.

The app turns you into a pop and rap singer. With six more paid options, you could have a more complete musical portfolio.

I have sung an ode to my daughter using this app. It’s on Facebook. Which means, you can also share your creations on Facebook and Twitter or email yourself.

Songifying your life wasn’t easy until now.