Shahid Afridi and his bravado

“In my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don’t think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us,” Pakistan cricket captain Shahid Afridi once said.

The uproar this statement created in the Indian media was obvious. And, It is understandable, considering they were termed ‘negative’, but a few unnoticed aspects in favour of the skipper will shed light between the lines.

Being amidst a massive crowd carrying slogans like “Gali gali mein shor hai, Pakistan chor hai,” and slamming abuses to opposition players near stands isn’t an easy task. And Afridi did it with aplomb.

Also, we are all aware of the significance of the World Cup, the prestige and glory associated with this for each country. To, lose this against the greatest competitors and facing the heat isn’t easy either.

Therefore, such bitter talk is in the nature of every human, not just Afridi.

Being limited by the orders of Taliban with ‘death attacks’, is it also possible that he was ‘forced’ to put down his neighbouring country? One never knows. However, if politics never entered cricket, things would have been remarkably different. Ah, well.

— Guest post by Shriya Narayan

India-Pakistan match fixed?

With the Pakistan interior minister Rehman Malik warning his players to stay away from match fixing, speculation is rife.

If Pakistan loses, Malik can hide behind the loss by saying his winning team lost because there was more money to be made in match fixing.

If Pakistan wins, he can always say that match fixing is all behind him, and he can look forward to a better future for Pak cricket.

Either way, Malik has the last word.

On the ground, match fixing is a real possibility, considering the stakes of an Indo-Pak match. Betting will be at an all-time high. With so much at stake, players can easily be swayed by the moolah. With the past not being kind to Pakistan, it is quite possible that the lure of lucre could well seduce the men in green.

With bookies favouring India over Pakistan, you could say that the match was fixed if India loses. But that means Indian players are in the wrong.

Fixing tosses, faking injury and spot fixing (eg: no ball in 3rd over), Pakistan is a good friend of these. Throwing away matches comes easy to them. And spot fixing is hard to prove.

Under performance is a real threat. So everytime a bowler gives away too many runs or a fielder drops a catch, you smell match fixing. Which is why i pay scant attention to all cricket matches ever since match fixing reared its ugly head more than a decade ago.

Sooner or later, the truth may be out. So the best way is to not take the results too seriously. Just watch it like a film. Or stay away from it all. Boycott.

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India vs Pakistan is a must-watch

It’s official. India takes on Pakistan come Wednesday, March 30th.

Beating Australia by 5 wickets convincingly has given TEAM iNDIA an edge. After all, they have beaten three-time world champions.

But what is commendable about today’s batting performance is how five batsmen pitched in to seal the match: Suresh Raina, Tendulkar, Kohli, Yuvraj and Gambhir.

The India Pakistan match will see deserted offices and streets across the country. After all, the teams haven’t met each other in a world cup too often. And that too in a semi final.

Pakistan has all rounders who can be dangerous with the bat and ball. India’s bowling is weak and the batting is unpredictable, particularly in the Batting Powerplay section.

Which means, Pakistan has an upper hand. However, both the captains, Afridi and Dhoni, are master tacticians. With such a lethal combo, you can expect excitement till the last ball.

I want India to win. If that is being biased, then lets just say, may the best team win.

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