Newsweek scores

Newsweek magazine has a lot more swerve in the way their writers do stories.

Concise, creative and opinionated, they educate and inform. Not to forget, entertain.

From the heartland of Egypt to the messy politics of Murdoch to China’s economic progress, most of these lay the roadmap for the uninformed reader.

However one-sided it may be, it’s hard to dispute the language and tone it takes up to address a range of issues. One reading of it and you know it’s pro government and pro western. Most of all, it’s claustrophobic of all things Asia. Be it China or India.

Are my assumptions right? I don’t know. But you can’t doubt the fact that media is taking a beating everywhere. Blame it on Murdoch and Barkha Dutt.

VIP treatment for celebs

A recent video on YouTube showed Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan being asked to leave the premises of a polling booth for trying to skip the queue.

It was thanks to the bravado of one man that the rest of the voters could vote peacefully and in time. He protested and did not allow the star to vote without standing in the queue.

It’s a little too much to have celebs receive all the attention and preference over the others? Agreed, their presence may trigger chaos, but shouldn’t they be sensible enough to arrange for a specific time and just finish off with it? How about early mornings when there are fewer people?

It’s the ‘Me’ age, honey!

— Guest post by Rohit Nair

Quota politics should go

Is India free of bias yet? This is something that has always come across to me as foolish – the idea that the once-discriminated/tortured can be made to feel like equals only if they are slotted in the ‘quota category’.

And I am talking about the reservation system in India for the backward classes. Income consideration definitely is acceptable, but reservation for a once discriminated class? That is not equality.

Equality is where every citizen gets to enjoy equal opportunities and benefits. By categorising ‘backward  classes’ (there is nothing called ‘class’ today, at least to the rational Indian), the Indian government is instigating the very evil they wish to erase – Caste System.

Think logically, and you’ll realise why there is still a bias.

Quota politics, ofcourse! Everyone wants to divide and rule like the British. And Indians aren’t an exception either.

— Guest post by Rohit Nair