Melody missing in Bollywood

Melody is something that has a certain timelessness to it. Listen to the joyful songs of Mohd Rafi or the soulful renditions of Mukesh and you know melody. There was meaning even in the most meaningless songs like Eena Meena Deeka.

But cut to the present and none of the songs have that evergreen feature barring Sufi singers like Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Even the 90s music was better than today’s. An era where lyrics of Sameer were put to music by Nadeem Shravan.

Today, you have songs like Bhag DK Bose and Jalebi Bai that have nothing to offer.

About time the lyricists penned soulful melodies that will rock us and our future generation.

Seventymm is better than Netflix

So said my friend when I mentioned the services offered by Seventymm in Bangalore. I don’t know Netflix, but I do know Seventymm and I am quite happy with their customer service. Their monsoon offer is unbeatable. You get DVDs at Rs 8 per day to rent. That’s about 150 DVD films in six months, if you watch one a day as stipulated in one of their packages.

If the DVD is of poor quality or unplayable, your subscription is extended by a day. And all you have to do is sms them and their electronic system takes note of it in real time. Similarly, if the DVD is delayed by a day, the same rule applies. And the best part? They have the ‘Write to CEO’ button in their footer. That’s a wonderful idea to keep the team in line.

Ofcourse, there are some minuses, which they need to address if they want to give the best bang for the buck. Here they go with my suggestions:

1. Today, you have to book a dvd every day, so it gets delivered the next day. My suggestion: We have already specified our favourite movies in the Wishlist section of our account. If 70mm enables ‘automatic shipment’ in such a way that the dvds that are high on our list get delivered every day (and not after seven days of inactivity, like it is today), that would be quite convenient.

2. The choice of movies is limited to the bestsellers and some random picks. The latest four and five rated films are always in circulation, prompting you to opt for either the lesser-known films or old films.

3. The cellphone ‘alert’ is a good feature that informs you when the film you want is back from circulation. But it has never worked for me because all the films I wanted in the last fortnight have never been returned yet. That’s hard to trust.

4. Some movies that were available suddenly become permanently unavailable, probably because of damaged DVDs. But no attempt is made at getting newer ones, since they are popular.

5. The TV section is very poor. Besides the usual Frasier, Friends and Prison Break, many other top-notch and new serials are nowhere on the scene, like The Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, and so on.

6. Some of the ratings on the site are way inaccurate and need to be addressed rightaway. The best way would be to give the same rating as for Hollywood and for Bollywood and regional channels. What’s more, Seventymm doesn’t allow us to rate the DVDs we watch. That would be the best way to tweak the ratings and keep it real. I remember one movie (Kabhie Socha Bhi Na Tha) that deserved 0 rating, but was instead given 3.5 rating.

If you want to make the most of their monsoon offer that offers rentals at 50% the rack rate, just mention my name (Zahid H Javali) and you should be able to entertain yourself for the next six months at a fraction of the actual cost.

Happy viewing!

Delhi Belly scores

Aamir Khan’s latest production venture Delhi Belly is a confirmed Super Hit now. Though I haven’t seen the film, I do like the song DK Bose bhaag even though it’s a twist to the phrase that means a protitute’s son.
The trailer was quite pacy and the film is without a dull moment for Gen Next. Since 60% of people going to the theaters comprise the youth, the film has got a big thumbs up from it’s target audience.
Another victory for Aamir after Peepli Live and Dhobi Ghat as producer.