127 Hours

The movie isn’t a patch on Slumdog Millionaire or any of Boyle’s previous films. It’s 93 minutes of torture, really. So what comes unstuck here? Several things. 1. The film makes for a 10-minute short film to be exhibited at film festivals and competitions. Not … Continue reading127 Hours

Lifetime Achievement Awards

Many senior actors abhor the ‘Lifetime Achievement’ awards, particularly when they are still happy acting out their real-life fantasies in reel life. Some find it embarassing. Some absent from it, the moment they hear that they are nominated. And others, don’t want to show their … Continue readingLifetime Achievement Awards

Bollywood whispers…

Leander Paes is getting the heebie-jeebies with his debut role in Rajdhani Express. Aamir Khan going underground to guard his new hairstyle for his upcoming film to be directed by Reema Kagti of ‘Honeymoon Travels’ fame. Manisha Koirala is breaking up with her Nepalese businessman … Continue readingBollywood whispers…

Congress: Free falling?

It looks like the Congress is losing its sheen. It has already lost it in Karnataka, and now it’s losing it across the country with the 2G spectrum scam. Allocating frequencies at much lower price than the market value, former telecom minister A Raja is … Continue readingCongress: Free falling?

Top 14 movies of 2010

Going by the box office data available so far, these films are among the top ten. Not necessarily in the same order, though. How many have you watched and loved really? I will tell you mine against each film… Dabangg: This would qualify as the … Continue readingTop 14 movies of 2010

Perils of witchcraft

The other day, I read a newspaper report that two women were burnt alive for practising witchcraft. Which brings up the question? Is it a sane thing to do? And does witchcraft really hurt people? That it has stood the test of time from the … Continue readingPerils of witchcraft

Golmaal 3 surprises

Golmaal 3 has grossed over Rs 100 crore after taxes from Indian theatrical business alone. Surprising because it is no patch to the first part. Surprising coz it lacks story depth. Surprising coz it is just a series of gags masquerading as film. Surprising that … Continue readingGolmaal 3 surprises

You are a hologram!

First things first. There’s a book called The Hologram. And no, this is no artificially-induced simulation of reality, but reality itself. And the upshot? That reality is much more fluid and changable. Which means, we are literally making reality as we go along by probing … Continue readingYou are a hologram!

Pre-budget expectations

Everytime, there are experts telling the government to increase outlays to education, reduce fiscal deficit, grant more tax holidays to new age industries like IT, insurance and so on.  I will do none of that. I will just reproduce what Ninad Karpe, CEO  & MD … Continue readingPre-budget expectations

Big B goes bald

It’s now well-known that Amitabh Bachchan has been hiding his bald days for some time now. That he wears a specially made wig for his public and personal avatar is fairly well-known in filmy circles. But since no one has been able to catch him … Continue readingBig B goes bald

Kangna discovers blogging

Bollywood hottie Kangna Ranaut is the newest entrant to the world of blogging (http://blog.realkangnaranaut.com) after Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Shilpa Shetty and who have you? So what’s different? For one, she’s the hottest girl on the movie ramp. Two, she’s a victim of mischievous … Continue readingKangna discovers blogging

Aishwarya Rai is insecure

Don’t know why Aishwarya Rai is so insecure. Rumour is rife that she asked L’Oreal guys to stop newcomer Sonam Kapoor (the daughter of Slumdog Millionaire’s Anil Kapoor) from walking the red carpet at Cannes film festival. Don’t understand how the pairing of the two … Continue readingAishwarya Rai is insecure

Matrimonial centre in Bangalore uses ‘genetic tests’ to determine compatibility

Genetic engineering has entered Bangalore’s marriage market. No longer will prospective marriage partners seek knowledge from the stars… horoscopes, gotharams, panchaangams and so on… to determine if the baby will be bouncy and healthy. Instead couples will have to get ready to reveal the secrets … Continue readingMatrimonial centre in Bangalore uses ‘genetic tests’ to determine compatibility

Meet a pilot

PS Arora (45) wanted to become a doctor. But destiny had other plans for him and today, he is a pilot. Flying for Indian Airlines over the past 10 years, Arora is a happy man. This writer caught up with him at Computer Shop on … Continue readingMeet a pilot

Online scams

These are scams you are likely to see on the Internet. Be aware and avoid them like the plague. Business opportunities scams: These offers make it sound like it is very easy to start a business that will earn piles of money without much work, … Continue readingOnline scams

Do it yourself tips

Here are a few vignettes I came across that I find extremely handy. Try them out. * Your tools will stay corrosion-free if you apply automobile paste wax on the steel parts. * Some chalk pieces and a few moth balls in the tool box … Continue readingDo it yourself tips